Natural Pork Casings - Casings L. Guerrero
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Natural Pork Casings

Pork casings are ideal for fresh sausages and smoked wider, as “butifarra”, bratwurst, “chorizo”, salami, etc.

In Casings L. Guerrero natural pork casings are from two productions: European (Spanish) and Chinese.


‘A’ quality, we just want to offer our clients a high quality product.



26/28, 28/30, 30/32, 32/34, 34/36, 36/38, 3840, 40/42, 42/44


Depending on the needs of each of our clients we can prepare natural pork casings
in skeins salted, in brine, bagged, tubed and into networks (flexible or rigid pipe).


There are several other pork products that we can offer:


Cular Carsings


It is the largest caliber of the pork family, used to cooked and cured sausages
like “chorizo”, black pudding, etc.


50/-, 50/55, 55/60, 60/65, 65/70 y 70/75 semiberra y Berra


Original Cular
1,30 + m.


Semicular Casings


They come in hanks of 9m.


Semicurly and curly Casings


Curly and Semicurly casings is easily distinguished by their curvatures.


46/48, 48/50, 50/55, 55/60, 60/65, 65/70 y 70/+
50/54, 54/58, 58/62, 62/66, 66/70, 70/74, 74/+


Pork “Ciegos”


Casings used for the “Morcón” and “Mallorquina”.

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